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good morning, america. and plummeting prices at the pump. the big drops happening while you were sleeping. heading below $3 for the first time if month. huge savings for your wallet. at what expense? the american hikers finally back home. speaking for the first time about life in captivity. blindfolded. beaten. lied to. so cut off, they had no idea they were being freed until the morning of their release. tough words for iran. breaking now. why one lawyer called amanda knox a she-devil this morning. and knox prepares to take the stand. deep freeze.
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the revolutionary new proceed your. why maria menounos is freezing her eggs at 33. don't start. we're just getting started here. ? we are. good morning, everyone. we have started our week off camera. a wild weekend in the republican presidential race. rick perry, not a good debate on thursday. got surprised on saturday in the straw poll. it's led to all kinds of big fund-raisers. many pundits saying chris christie should get into the race. he's now saying he may be reconsidering. >> after all those weeks of no, no, no, maybe he will. and michael jackson's doctor about to go on trial. we'll look at the people that
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will decide doctor conrad murray's fate. how the pop star's fame is factoring into this high-profile trial. let's start with josh elliott. breaking news this morning. we begin with that. an take on cia offices in afghanistan. one american has been killed. in what appears to be an attack by one of the cia's own employees. nick schifrin is in kabul, is site of the attack. nick? >> reporter: josh, the afghan employee walked into the offices an started shooting. he killed one american and injured another before he was gunned down. a few weeks ago, militants fought for 20 hours. fired more than six rockets into the u.s. embassy. that attack was the beginning of a trend, said one u.s. official, that militants would continue to be able to attack in the heart of kabul at u.s. targets. today, the cia has to figure out
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why and how someone they employed turned a gun on a colleague. this morning, major terror operation in england. six men arrested in birmingham were charged today. meanwhile, new york's police commissioner erks ray kelly, says that in the event of a terror attack, city police could take down a plane, if necessary. now to your money this morning. wall street begins the new week with more uncertainty. coming off the worst week in three years, erasing all the gains of the last year. the problem this morning, it looks increasingly possibly that greece will default on its debt. bianna golodryga joins us now from london. what could this mean for the u.s.? >> huge implications for the u.s. there's little doubt that in
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greece defaults, the u.s. and the global economy could face another recession. disappointment in weekend after world leaders met in d.c. they couldn't come up with a big enough package to bail out greece. we could see a domino effect. spain, italy, france could also see default in the future. and a credit downgrade in france. we saw one in italy as well. the u.s. has major trade operations with europe. and we have major banking operations with them. hundreds of billions of dollars worth. the u.s. is so unstable, there's taublg of another recession. if we see europe go, we're most likely going to see a recession in the u.s. meanwhile, while stocks have been dropping, so have gas prices. below $3 in some places. the nationwide average, about
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$3.49 a gallon, down 12 cents in the last two weeks. divers off ireland found a real-life sunken treasure. a british ship sunk by a nazi torpedo. on board, about $200 million in silver. it's deeper than the wreckage of the "titanic." they're going to try to bring it up in the spring. to politics. the front-runner, texas governor rick perry, faltering. renewed talk that chris christie might jump into the race. john berman has more. good morning, john. >> good morning, robin. chris krchristie said no. he said he's not ready for the job. he's under intense pressure to get in the race. now a big, high-profile national
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tour kicking off today is raising eyebrows. for months and months, his answer about whether he'll run for president has been no -- >> no chance. >> reporter: no way. >> apparently i have to commit suicide to convince people i'm not running. >> reporter: to no how. >> there's no way. i'm not doing it. >> reporter: now it's lower case, with a question mark. listen to christie last week. perhaps sounding less no-ish. >> nobody yet, who is running for president, in my view, has done that effectively is why you continue to hear people ask daniels if he'll reconsider and ask me if i'll reconsider. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that christie is listening to a stream of supporters telling him to get in. he's likely to hear more this
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week. there might be space for him to jump in, thanks to the suddenly sagging candidacy of rick perry. he finished a shocking second in the florida straul polls to herman cain. >> herman cain, moi, got twice as many votes at rick perry. >> was before -- he was before the social programs. from the standpoint of he was far -- standing out for roe versus wade before he was against roe versus wade. >> reporter: and in "saturday night live" version. >> romney said he was for, against obama care. but what about -- mitt romney? i mean -- mitt romney-care. was it was before he was before? >> uh-oh. >> reporter: republicans might be longing for a blunt-talking
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budget cutter like christie, who is never at a loss for wortds, like in hurricane irene. >> get the hell off the beach. >> reporter: the republicans are not yet satisfied with the choices. one choice, mitt romney, is in new york today to meet with donald trump. the trump primary continues. >> perry's stumbles may be a cautionary tale for christie as well. as the gop field gets sorted out, the president is headed west for a campaign swing of his own. he's swinging hard at a series of high-dollar fund-raisers. jake tapper with more on this from the white house. this is the fiery obama a lot of the president's supporters have been waiting for. >> reporter: that's right. there are seven fund raisers on
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the three-day swing. he's serving up red meat. some of you here may be folks that used to be republicans but are puzzled by what's happened to or is happening to that party. you have a governor whose state is on fire denying climate change. that's obviously a reference to texas governor rick perry. then he goes on, you have auz yeenss cheering. and then booing a serviceman who is gay. there was less than a handful of individuals doing the inappropriate cheering or booing. >> that's the most directly that he took on rick perry. he had high-profile guests. >> reporter: that's right. she was there. she said she was going to talk to the president about an
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anti-bullying law. she did speak briefly with the president. she read from a letter from a fan about the suicide of another fan who had been bullied and thanked the president for his anti-bullying efforts. george? >> maybe we'll see a tweet about it later today. two american hikers held in iran are back in the u.s., talking for the first time about their ordeal. jim sciutto was there. >> reporter: back on american soil, josh fattal and shane bauer used some of their new-found freedom to slam their captors. >> it was clear to us from the very beginning we were hostages. >> how can we forgive the iranian government when it continues to imprison so many other innocent people? >> reporter: for the first time, the gripping details. >> we had to go on hunger strike repeatedly, just to get letters from our loved ones.
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many times -- too many times, we heard the screams of other prisoners being beaten. there was nothing we could do to help them. solitary confinement was the worst experience of all of our lives. >> reporter: they were often blindfolded, occasionally beaten, and repeatedly lied to. told their families had stopped writing letters, diplomats stopped pushing for their freedoms. to survive, they kept busy and improvi improvised. testing each other on graduate school exam questions. reading whatever they could find. >> they were serious about exercise. used water bottles as weights. >> reporter: following the families through two long years of frustration, fear, and being there as they were finally reunited, their sense of relief has been palpable. >> i couldn't sleep. i was filled with adrenaline of
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my son being home. >> reporter: looking ahead, talk prisoners around the world. and then, starting a new family with wedding bels for shane and sar sarah. for "good morning america," jim sciutto, abc news, washington. >> no wedding date yet. maybe soon. now to the amanda knox appeal. closing arguments today. amanda will speak in open court. will it be enough to set her free? elizabeth vargas is back in italy. the prosecution is pushing hard. >> reporter: it is, george. day three of closing arguments. one of the lawyers in the civil case against amanda knox called her a sex-loving she-devil. he went on to accuse her of taking part in satanic rituals.
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after someone likened the entire knox family to nazi propaganda. looking tense, amanda knox entered the court this morning knowing that her life nangs the balance. this weekend, prosecutors asked for her sentence to be lengthened to life behind bars. >> it's life or she gets to come home. >> reporter: in their first sitdown interview since closing arguments began, amanda is optimistic but having a hard time sleeping or eating. she looks quite thin. more somber, more serious than i have ever seen her look. >> it's -- it's been very tough on her. four years, in prison. with your freedom taken away for something you didn't do is extraordinarily hard. >> the fact that she started as
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a 20-year-old with that kind of pressure on her is -- you now -- the fact that she's still okay -- is amazing to me. >> reporter: during the closing arguments, prosecutors passionately defended their theory that meredith kercher was brutally murdered by knox, her boyfriend, rafael sollecito and a drifter, rudy guidet. dna evidence on a knife and a bra clasp were inconclusive and likely contaminated. how optimistic are you? >> i'm super optimistic. i don't think i have smiled this much in italy since this whole thing started. >> reporter: deanna says her
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sister has no ideas how much the opinions are polarized. >> the tiny bit she sees is in court. our family is walking down the streets, you get those looks. >> reporter: what kind? >> sympathy or total disgust. i have had someone spit on me. >> reporter: the defense will begin its closing arguments tomorrow. then amanda knox will have a final chance to address the court herself. her family members tell me she's been working on that statement for months. she'll undoubtedly plea for her life. >> you saw the optimism, there, dan, of deanna knox. you said this is hard to learea. you're seeing more science she may not go free. >> the prosecutors are asking for a stiffer sentence, life in
7:16 am
prison. they're saying there is other evidence in addition to the dna. the highest court could still hear this case. prosecutors could appeal, say we want her to stay in the country while we're working on the appeal. the appeals court could reduce the sentence, as opposed to saying, we'll acquit. there are all sorts of options here. >> lots of cautions there. how much is riding on the final statement? >> if it becomes emotional, it will be personal, powerful. i don't think it will be the make or braeak issue. what is the evidence? what do they have to convict her on? what do they still have, because the dna was effectively undermine pd and discredited. >> a tense few days. dan, thank you. let's go los angeles, sam champion has the weather from
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there today. sam? >> good morning, robin. good morning, george. the big heat in the northeast. it may have been a sloppy end to the week, it's warm and basically almost july-like. 81 in new york. 76 in boston. as you start to work west, those numbers are warmer, richmond, 79, through pittsburgh as well. that low means keeler air from chicago to st. louis. the same system. bringing the warm air up the east. cool and cloudy. the brand new storm system working into the northwest and big heat building into the southwest.
7:18 am
>> and we're live in los angeles this morning, robin and george and josh. it takes a little time to get out of hawaii and get back home.
7:19 am
>> especially when you're walking. especially when you're walking home like you are. >> or hitchhiking. >> maybe the pony express. >> have fun, sam. now, a testament to the strength of the human spirit. swimmer diana nyad has ended her latest attempt at swimming from cuba to florida. matt gutman with the story. >> i wanted the feeling to be on the beach so badly. i'm just not going have it. >> reporter: diana nyad gutted it out through 89 hours and the whip-like stings of a portuguese man of war. it began with a leap on friday.
7:20 am
and even nyad's ocean of courage and that steady stroke weren't quite enough. >> this thing happened first. the pain was ferocious. i thought, you are going through a million of these, you better toughen up. >> reporter: she was told another sting could be life-threatening. >> con vugss. >> reporter: her first attempt was at age 28, over 30 years ago. the second, just this past august. while she cannot claim victory, her perseverance has moved so many. >> i have to turn it around. all of us have our disappoints. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> such a dear friend. she's a champion. she is a champion. >> she certainly is.
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the calendar says autumn. we had rain overnight in owings mills and little bit of fog and
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mist. 67 degrees nearby reisterstown. 69 in edge mere. we've got a loss of moisture coming up from the south. this plume comes out of east florida, across the upper met. while we're in between systems, we may get a break of sun, mostly cloudy but muggy. 79. more of that fog preforms and 66 overnight. here's traffic. >> 79 southbound is slow from owings mills to the beltway. the ballet is slow top side and on the north site. this is the beltway at old court road. it will be slow from reisterstown to edmond son. the outer loop is slow from bel air to harrisburg expressway. there's an accident at 83 on the shoulder. here's linda so. a man is in the hospital after police say he tried to
7:28 am
attack officers with knives. cops got a call about a suicidal person. when officers arrived, they found a man threatening to kill himself with a knife. police tried to calm him down but he tried to attack them. we're trying to get an update on the man's condition. for now, let's head back to new york for good morning america. that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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that is steven powell.ughte powell, has been missing for more than two years now. we have new information this morning about steven powell's shocking arrest. we'll get into the latest on that. >> he said strange things. this crosses the line. also, royal confessions this morning. a new book out about queen elizabeth. lots of juicy detail about the wedding and the candid comments about why his grandmother ordered him what to wear. >> i heard the "dancing with the stars" music in the background. >> if kate were on "dancing with
7:31 am
the stars," we would break in. >> oh, yes, we would. got that right. and making a personal decision very public, maria menounos is talking about why she's freezing her eggs. now to the shocking allegations of susan powell's father-in-law, steven powell. he's been arrested on charges including child pornography. >> reporter: there have been so manidy czy many bizarre developments in the case recently. secretly recorded videos. allegedly taken by her own father-in-law. they were discovered by lis on computers and dvds inside powell's washington home.
7:32 am
along with them, thousands of other lewd images of women and children as young as 8. >> we have kids, teens, pictures of susan powell that she probably doesn't no are taken. >> reporter: powell was arrested last week, pleading not guilty of 14 counts of voi yeurism. he shares his home with his son and two grandsons. >> i think it's disgusting. it clearly shows that her concerns were justified about steven powell. >> reporter: proof, he says, that powell was lying about these explosive claims. >> susan was very, very sexual with me. very flirtatious. i'm her father-in-law. she did it. i did -- i mean, we interacted in a lot of sexual ways because susan enjoys doing that.
7:33 am
>> reporter: powell tell us abc news that he wrote love songs about his daughter-in-law in leek ix like these. ♪ i can love you in a secret way ♪ ♪ i can love you every day >> i have known for a long time my dad has issues, his character's been in question. >> reporter: for now, josh powell is the only named person of interest. that doesn't mean he's the only person of interest. the two young sons, their fate could be decided on wednesday. >> harsh words from his daughter. >> very much. we'll talk to dan abrams about it in a moment. but first, the high-profile trial of michael jackson's personal doctor. conrad murray is charged are
7:34 am
manslaughter. >> reporter: it's been two years since the death of michael jackson. beginning this week, a jury will finally hear details of how the king of pop died at the age of 50. the jury is made up of seven men and five women from various walks of life. one is mailman. another an unemployed account t accountant. one is a television director. half say they are michael jackson fans. mark geragos says that could be an advantage to the defense. the murray attorneys are expe expected to argue that he was trying to control jackson's oous of propofol. >> if the defense is he he was trying wean michael jackson off these drugs, if that is the road they're going down, they may
7:35 am
want michael jackson fans. >> reporter: potential jurors were asked if they fold other high-profile cases like the trils of casey anthony and o.j. simpson. six said they did. five felt that celebrities get special treatment. later today, attorneys for the prosecution and defense will be in court to settle last-minute motions before they go the trial. including whether prosecutors can counter defense contention that murray fully cooperated by giving an extensive interview to police. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth. i have faith the truth will prevail. >> reporter: the joury will be n court tomorrow for opening statements. >> we bring back dan abrams. let's start with the conrad murray case, first of all. just break down, a little bit more, the jury.
7:36 am
>> i'm stunned by how many trial junkies there are, that watched the o.j. simpson case and the casey anthony case. 5 of 7 feel that celebrity defendants get better treatment. i would be concerned about that. if true, those are the types of jurors who say, the system doesn't work. the celebrities get off. that's a lot of people who know how the legal system works and have an opinion about it. >> odd that so many are part of the jury. opening arguments, what will we hear? >> the produsecution will say ts was reckless. he never should have been giving michael jackson propofol. he never should have walked out of the room. they say cell phone records show that his story that he left the room for five minutes don't make
7:37 am
sense. the defense will say, wait a second. there were a lot of drr giving him propofol. this one was trying to wean him off of it. they're going to argue that michael jackson may have taken some himself that may have been the lethal doese. >> how long do you think this will last? >> some weeks. let's go back to susan powell. we saw the piece. her father-in-law -- oh -- in jail right now. how does that affect the investigation? >> i think it is going to firm up the resolve of the authorities to be wanting to look at josh powell and want to know a little bit more about his dad. josh and his father were going out publicly to undermine susan, saying she might have left on her own. here are the diary entries that
7:38 am
show she's the type of person who might have run off with another man. i think that on the investigative side, they're going to be convinced that steven powell is a creep. on the public side, the public is going to say, i don't believe a word this guy says. >> so now, of course, susan powell's parent, they want to two adorable children. it will be a custody fight. >> tough argument. unless he's arrested, it will be tough to take the children away from josh powell. currently, they're in state custody. that makes me think they'll have a better shot than i would have thought. >> thanks, dan. time for the weather. let's go to sam in los angeles. making his way back from hawaii. >> good morning. i know what you're thinking, robin, by the way you made the intro. she's basically saying, get your
7:39 am
butt home. i'm flying home today. chicagoland and all around the great lakes, a messy weekend. here's the low cut offy anything moving around. and kicked off some water spouts around lake michigan. very active weather over the weekend. storms, rain, the whole thing. that doesn't go way the first part of this week. you get a shot of warm air by the time we get to the five-day plan. 71 on thursday, the break in that. cooler air, 61 on friday. everybody else's weather here. it's warm on the eastern into board. it's the 8 ons as far north at new york today. it's stormy into the northwest. after the fog this morning, the southwest will get a warmup starting probably tomo
7:40 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by toyota. robin? george? >> sam, thank you. you have a twinkle in your eye still. thanks, sam. coming up, the very private side of a modern monarch. prince william revealing what his grandmother is really like. ♪ don't you cry ♪ soon the sun ♪ is going to shine ♪ [ male announcer ] toyota presents the prius family. ♪ walk if i want, talk if i want ♪ [ male announcer ] there's the original one... the bigger one... the smaller one... and the one that plugs in. they're all a little different, just like us.
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about what went on behind the scenes at this year's big royal weddi wedding, thanks to a new book out in london. it has a new look at the relationship between the prince and the queen. nick watt with more from london. ♪ >> reporter: the wedding of the decade. and behind the scenes, it was grandma pulling the strings. i wanted to decide what to wear for the wedding, william told the author of a new book called "our queen." i was given a categorical no. e kn i knew it was for the best. the queen has a mean stare when she's upset. he looked dapper. she told him to rip up the official guest list. she said, start with your friends. go from there. >> she saw this ultimately as
7:45 am
his wedding day. she was prepared to go against royal protocol. >> reporter: by the way, driving his dad's favorite car way from the palace, nervy william left the emergency brake on. there was so much cheering, no one could hear the grinding. william describes himself as the young bloke coming through totally reliant on grandma's advice. is he worried she worked too hard? we do hint at taking some things off her, he says. but she won't have any of it. >> he's always enjoyed a peshl relationship to william. that is down to the role that william will inherit. >> reporter: he's got a military career and loves living the quiet life with his wife. i try not think about it, he says, i try not to think about it. that can wait until i'm a bit older. now, george, my favorite gem
7:46 am
from this book. back in 1954, the queen was film med chasing her husband out of a villa throwing tennis sneakers and a tennis racket at the film. the camera man who shot that destroyed the film. as a reward, he was given a beer and a sandwich. i would have killed, literally killed to see that happen. >> i get what you're saying, nick. >> reporter: i don't know. >> imagine what that camera man would charge today. nick watt, thank you very much. coming up, marilyn monroe before she was famous. the pictures no one's seen until now. and patience. mine recommends antacid tablets -- and only one taco. [ female announcer ] walgreens pharmacists also recommend you try walgreens brand health & wellness products. they have the same active ingredients as other brands and cost less. and now you can save big on walgreens brand pain relief products.
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let's take a quick look at a hollywood legend like you have never seen her before. he's david muir. >> reporter: she was just norma jean back then. a teenager. not even blonde yet. at the dawn of her career. she signed a release saying she
7:51 am
was 21. though she was just 19 that day. >> loveliest of the lovely. >> reporter: she could know way know the start of what lay ahead. the stardom. "thes seven year itch." at that moment, the innocence of a young girl yet to turn 20. yet to take hollywood by storm. for "good morning america," abc news, david muir. coming up, maria menounos. true or false, december is the best nont get a good deal on a new car? what's the answer? find out at and share your experience. you can't change the way banking works. just accept it, man. free ? doesn't close at five ? try nature. it's a bank. what do you want, a hug ? just accept it.
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7:56 am
temperatures pushing 70 in edge more. 67 in reisterstown and mt. airy. we're still under this environment pumping up moirchlt it's wrapping around this low pressure sitting around chicago. there's some bands of dry weather. i believe we get into some of that as we head into today. one conveyor belt of moisture
7:57 am
just leaving off the coast. we're going to have to watch this. we will be in an environment that could spawn some afternoon showers. we didn't have those yesterday. we will start getting into the infloons of that, if not tomorrow, then on wednesday we'll increase our threat. we're not completely done with this. we stay mostly dry after we work off this mostly drizzle and fog, just a few isolated showers, back to the mid-60s and more fog tonight and more showers tomorrow. >> bel air road to the inner loop is slow from harford to 95. this is 695 at old court road. heavy traffic on the outer loop from reisterstown road to edmonton. this is basically a parking look. let's take a look at 95 southbound on the right of your
7:58 am
screen out of whitemarsh. it's going to be slow to the beltway. it's going to be slow off and on. it's also going to be slow on the 94 going out of downtown. now check the live traffic cam.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ up there on the big screen, two newbies steaming up the ballroom. tristan and his dance partner, nancy grace. and maks' little bro, val. >> remember the first time tristan came on with nancy grace. >> oh, boy. accent. >> every woman in the control room was melting. i know where this came from. also this morning, maria
8:01 am
menounos is here live. she made a big decision to freeze her eggs. she'll be with us in a moment. i had a dream assignment. i got to go out picking with the stars from the hit show "american pickers" to search for dich diamonds in the rough. and i do mean rough. investors anxious this morning. wall street begins the new week with a big concern. will greece default on its debt? another major strike cripples greece today. the solution seems farther off. they said they would consider new ways to address the crisis. they failed to give any specifics. president obama will be pushing his jobs plan in california's silicon valley today. in the meantime, he's taken the
8:02 am
clearest shot yet at rick perry. describing him as a governor whose state is on fire and denying climate change. pressure building on new jersey governor chris christie to enter the race after perry lost to herman cain in the straw poll. extra fees for you at banks because they're trying to make more money. 65% of free checking accounts were free a year ago. now it's 43%. an afghan snashl working for the cia in kabul opened fire. he killed one american and wounded of before he was being shot and killed. we're getting a look at joran van der sloot. when asked if he killed stephany
8:03 am
flores, he admits yes. he admits to getting into a fight with her and shows how he choked her to death. a hiker trapped. the tense rescue caught by a rescue helmet cam. it was a remarkable rescuings caught on tape. at topanga state park, near malibu. that small dot, a woman hanging from the side of a cliff. after what began as last-minute climb, she froze. not able to climb up or down. gnat yellow string, a makeshift safety line. for two terrifying hours, she clutched at the side. rescuers arrived an hour before night fall. and after convincing the
8:04 am
terrified climber to let go, she was hoisted to safety. it was almost 100 degrees while all of that was going on. again, she's safe today. here diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." coming up on "world news," you have seen the movement here. our viewers by the thousands saying it should be made in america. tonight, david muir will take your voices straight to the white house to see how we can make more happen. finally, the man who invented doritos getting a proper sendoff of sorts today. arch west created it in the '60s. they're sold on every continent except antarctica. his family plans to toss dorisos into his grave. he was 97.
8:05 am
>> a from titting tribute. >> at 8:00. i'll pause on that. it's time for -- hold on one second, breakfast of champions. let's get to it. pop news, here we go. it feels like summer. but it's fall. the brown bears at the bronx zoo cannot get enough of the pumpkins. they get to play with them as part of the boo at the zoo halloween celebration. giving a whole new meaning to pumpkin carving. the story of elton john's life, "rocket man" will soon be up on the big screen. board is he'll act as executive producer. several actors will play him, at several periods of his life.
8:06 am
robert downey jr. is his first choice for '80s elton. a quick weight loss update in week two of "dancing with the stars." nancy grace, you saw in the hellos. so far, big losers. most so far lost, nancy grace and chaz bono. both have lost ten pounds. ricki lake lost a lot. she's going by inches rather than pounds. 8 1/2 of them so far. >> that's what kirstie alley did, too. >> those are the favorites on "shrinking with the stars." ? >> finally, check out this fabulous from, will this new orleans native was awarded for the world's biggest afro. it has a circumference of 4'4".
8:07 am
it took 12 years to grow. it's not all fro-volity. she's shut it in car doors. >> that is old school. >> it is. >> an hour day? >> that's remarkable. >> thanks, lara. >> that is pop news. sam, you're taking this all in from l.a. >> i am. i was thinking i wish i had some cool ranch doritos. the whole time, that's what i was thinking. cool ranch. let's talk about this low. it's a little bit more than your bas basic everyday low. up to three inches of rain. even seattle and portland will come in with an inch of rain. let's show you what happens in the southwest.
8:08 am
san francisco, by wednesday, 80 degrees. l.a. going back to 90. can you believe it? yep. phoenix, so the. san diego, all the more reason i should stay until wednesday. that's what i should do. stay until wednesday. >> of course, that's the weather around the nation from l.a. we'll are more in the next half hour. >> come here. come on now, sammy.
8:09 am
open up. open up. come on, sammy. come on. you can have some real doritos if you ever came back to work. >> we'll lure you back with junk food. all right. thank you, sam. let's move on, shall we to our "gma morning menu." coming up, maria menounos gets personal. and two new reasons to love "dancing with the stars," tristan and val. let's call it what sit. my dream assignment. i got hunt for junk with the stars of "american pickers" coming up on "gma." [ female announcer ] introducing new pronutrients from centrum. omega-3s go beyond heart health.
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♪ ♪ get flawless coverage with a natural look and feel with bare minerals foundation. bare minerals. be a force of beauty. what's in the mail? well, it just might surprise you. because this is how people and business connect. feeling safe and secure that important letters and information don't get lost in thin air. or disappear with a click. but are delivered. from person to person. and, sometimes, even face to face.
8:14 am
have a great day. you too. for some of the best ways to connect and protect... it's all in the mail. learn more at you know, a lot of women are waiting longer to have children these days. does that mean they're putting their fertility at risk? "extra" cohost maria menounos says she does not want to take any chances. she's freezing her eggs at the age of 33. we'll talk to her in a moment. she's a red carpet regular. >> what are you wearing? >> reporter: known for her interviews. now she's on the other side of the microphone. opening up about a procedure and a personal decision in a video diary. >> it is friday.
8:15 am
d-day. the morning of my doctor's appointment. i don't know why i'm doing this. i'm terrified. um -- i know why i'm doing this, actually. for the right reasons. but, i am going to the doctor's today to check on how many eggs i have available for freezing. >> reporter: 33-year-old maria is one of a growing number of women who have decided to postpone pregnancy by harvesting their eggs. >> they lose two-thirds of their fertility between the ages of pa and 40. >> reporter: more than 1,000 babies around the globe have been born by using the procedure. including hayden. >> the process ke went through didn't indicate there should be any reason to worry that the way
8:16 am
he was conceived would make a difference. he's peaceful. insightful. thoughtful. he gives us an entirely new way to look at life. >> reporter: as for maria, she says she made the decision so she could focus on her career. but knows when the time is right for her future family, she'll be ready. joining us now is maria menounos and her fertility specialist, melanie landai. what did you decide to do this? >> i like i said, i had a couple of colleagues approach me and say, don't do what we did. don't turn 40 and forget to have kids. first, i was like, who does that? quickly, after they explained to me they had done it because we're so wrapped up in our work. time goes by so quickly. time flies when you're having
8:17 am
fun. i'm living my dreams. i'm having fun. i realized i could be a candidate. >> you have a steady boyfriend for the last 10 years. >> 13. >> did you talk about this together? >> i said i think we need to think about this. to me, parenting is the most difficult job in the entire world. when i do it, i want to be committed and 100% ready to take it on and be the best mom i can be. right now, i don't find miyself to be in that position. it's a struggle with time. i wish i would be supermom and do it all. some women do. i don't think now is the time for me. that's my choice. >> it's a personal choice. i know, dr. landay, age is a factor. what makes for a good candidate?
8:18 am
>> someone under the age of 35. in fertility medicine, we can't avert the aginging process. sage major determinant in a woman's fertility. women under the age of 35 are the best candidates for egg freezing. >> any drawbacks or risks? >> well, there are risks. we think we have been doing this awhile. we're able to minimize the risks. some ricsks with the medication. hyper sensitivity. redness and swelling. some risks with the procedure. overtreating the egs, bleeding, there's a risk of hyperstimulation. it happens in less than 2% of people that go through this. i would say, the big risk that people should know about. just because you freeze the eggs doesn't mean 100% chance you're going to have a baby.
8:19 am
>> you know this going in. this doesn't guarantee you anything. it just gives you batter chance. >> it's a bit on an insurance policy. doesn't mean that in two or three years, i'm not going try naturally. t least i have this in case there is a problem. women don't know a lot of what is going on inside their bodies until these situations come up. there have been interesting twists and turns in this process. i would never have expected them had i not gone through this. >> no problem if you want to conceive naturally if you have gone through this procedure? >> it doesn't affect your chances of getting pregnant on your own later. >> the cost of this. it's rice si. >> it is. it varies from city to city. in los angeles, $10,000 to $15,000. >> and sometimes, insurance does cover it.
8:20 am
you can freeze eggs and also embre embryos? >> we have a lot more experience with freezing embryos. if you do have a partner, we would recommend you freeze embryos inaddition to possible eggs. >> do we know the shelf life? >> that's a good question. we don't know for sure. we believe that long term storage is possible. >> i have phoknown you for a bi. it was great working with you at the oscars. you're so full of life. i agree with what you're saying, focusing on your career. you look at women past the age of 40, having kids all time. so we're thinking, maybe we do have a little more time. >> i do, too. i thought that.
8:21 am
>> we don't know exactly how these babies are coming about. >> that's why i thought it was such an important story. as a journalist, i think what is the next conversation we need to be having? this is something i thought was a viable option for me after 40. i told my parents and boyfriend, i'm going to have kids after 40. i have been taking care of my parents for years, i thought, i'll do it when i'm 40. you sit down with dr. mel and hear the that 'tstatistics -- >> they do get pregnant at 40. through to the ast a 5% chance. rather than 25% chances. >> a lot of people use donor eggs. they don't tell you. now we can show women there is an option if you need it and
8:22 am
want it, if you think it's right for you. we'll show you every step of the way. i've been shooting footage of my injections and everything. >> thank you both so much. >> thank you for having me. >> anytime. you can see more of maria's story on dr. drew's "life changers." we want to hear from you. would you consider freezing your eggs or embryos? we would love to hear from you. now to the hot new faces on "dancing with the stars." we have learned so much about them over the years. this season's new pros are creating sparks, val which m
8:23 am
chmerkovskiy and tristan macmanus. >> reporter: they're from different worlds but share a lot in common. 29-year-old tristan macmanus is considered a pro dancing purist. >> you're not going to see him, even though i have asked him to, rip off his shirt or do a stunt. >> reporter: unlike val chmerkovskiy. >> he's a nice guy. tough when he's teaching. but a nice guy. >> reporter: both coupled tonight will dance the quick step. tristan starting dancing at the age of 9. his other passion was football, which we call soccer. >> people never knew i danced. until when i was 16 or 17. i would play football matches in the morning. go straight from there to a
8:24 am
dance competition. >> reporter: he's won competitions all over the world. ♪ >> reporter: and so has val. check out this home video his parents gave to "good morning america" of 8-year-old val chmerkovskiy and his teenage brother, maks. yep, that's young maks. ♪ the brothers first learned to dance in their hometown of odessa, ukraine. >> it was tough going to school with dance shoes in one hand and a violin case in the other. >> reporter: playing violin still comes naturally to val. what is your relationship status? >> i walk alone. >> reporter: you walk alone. currently? >> single. >> happily?o one is happy to be.
8:25 am
>> reporter: they both worship their families. tristan translated. my family, my friends, my heart. >> cue the music. ♪ >> reporter: he's so maks, oh, my gosh. oh, wow. >> i have family over everything. >> reporter: val wears pendants and a brace let of evil eyes hoping to ward off the spirits. >> i've given my brother ten seasons to win this thing. if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. my job is to make you the winner, and your job is to make me look better than maks. >> reporter: he called you out. >> the pupil has to sur prasz the pupil. >> this is the show. being entertaining is part of
8:26 am
it. people would like to see a rivalry. >> there's no rivalry per se. but i'm not stepping away. this is my show. i am the sex and the stick here. he's got the find his own stick. >> reporter: val wouldn't mind being labeled a renaissance man. >> not jack of all trades and master of none. >> the way i've always been. i never thought i was great at something. but i would also try at everything. if people say, he was a nice bloke, i'll be happy enough for that. ♪ cry me, baby >> oh. >> you know all about val and maks. >> oh. >> you can find out more about the guys on our website. "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 7:00 central on abc.
8:27 am
good morning. still quite muggy. still, some areas of leftover fog. we've had some damp roadways. a little bet of dry air. looks like we will break up the clouds by late morning. already starting to see bright spots but after 9:00, 10:00, could get some sun. widespread rain will probably miss us. we'll have at least a few breaks of sun, a muggy high of 79.
8:28 am
the outer loop is slow from bel air road to the 3. let's take a look on the northwest side where it is also slow, the outer loop at old court road slow from reisterstown road to edmond ton. jfx is slow to cold spring lane many then you see some improvement as you make your way downtown. now with your local news, here's len da so. baltimore city police are trying to determine who gunned down two men before coach services at sweet hope free will baptist church. two men were found dead from gunshot wounds. call less if you have any information. tonight, family and friends will gather to remember a pregnant woman and her two kids burned in a fair last week. we'll have a weather update in
8:29 am
30 minutes. for now, let's head back to new york for good morning maryland. have a great day.
8:30 am
♪ i've got five dollars ella fitzgerald to join michael symon out in times square. "the chew" premiers today. >> five bucks, five minutes, five ingredients. it's the 5 in 5 challenge. >> i'm going to be his sous chef. >> going to happen right out there. >> say it three times. we're also going to be, e lish elisha cuthbert.
8:31 am
she's in the hit sitcome "happy endings." she's here live. i, for one, am very happy. i'm just saying. just saying. >> i want to get to my big moment. "american pickers guide to picking" is a new book that's just come out. i had the chance to go hunting with the junk hunks as i now call them. why the i saw firsthand why their show is such a hit. >> it's one of the most popular shows on cable tv. >> what else can you show us? >> reporter: every week, more than 5 million people tune in to watch iowa natives and childhood friends, mike wolfe and frans frints dig for us aredy gold. >> the pump in this condition with the porcelain plaque card
8:32 am
is worth about $900 to $1200. >> sounds good. we'll check it out and let you know. >> reporter: they scour the country. antiques and collectibles they can clean up doctor or not -- that they can sell. mike started with bikes. he expanded. >> like the jack kerouac of junk. out on the road, traveling. >> reporter: he suggested frank start coming along. he had an idea for a reality show that almost didn't happen. >> i pitched it for 4 1/2 years. they said no one wants to watch a show about antiques. i said, it's not about the an teex.
8:33 am
it's about the hunt. >> reporter: mike and frank can see the beauty and potential profit in almost anything. like this beaten up, worn out service rail car. >> imagine someone traveling on the iron rails. >> reporter: mike has to have it. the owner is not interested in selling. >> sounds like you have an emotional affair with this piece. what will it take for you the break up with it? >> reporter: we'll get back to this. this is a dream. look, i brought my sneakers. the boys invite this fellow junk lover to join them. looks like there's a date. it seems like a rusty gold mine. not so fast. >> i've been 50 years collecting this. but i do sell things on occasion. >> on occasion. >> reporter: bill johnson is a consummate collector.
8:34 am
he's declared his home a knew zeem of local history. my guess is you have a story about everything. >> what i don't know, i make up. no one knows the difference. >> reporter: this is not my first time. >> i buy what i like. i buy within my means. and i buy what buyers need. >> do we divide and conquer? >> usually, frank will go one way, i'll go the other. whatever we both find, it's ours. game on once you walk in. >> reporter: all right, then game on. mike looks for the decorative. frank, the industrial. me, allky find is this glass owl jar. >> give us a wise, fair price. >> reporter: mike makes the first pick. >> i'll give you $300 for this right now. >> frank gives it a shot on an
8:35 am
old sign. >> i'll give you $200. >> reporter: no dice. i'll give you the $300. call $400 for both. >> okay, sounds okay. >> reporter: how about this vintage guitar? bill wants $75. they settle at $37. what about that train car? well, after an hour of haggling, they agree on a price of $t2,00. bill will use to it improve the museum. mike will sell it to a train collector. we learn some history along the way. now i have a giant glass owl. i don't know what to do with. it's one of a kind. hike said his holy grail item is a 1912 blackhawk motorcycle made
8:36 am
in illinois. a few motors have been found. never a complete bike. you can watch "american pickers" on mondays on history. there's the new book. check it out. right now, i want to check out mr. sam champion. he's in los angeles. good thrift shops out there. >> i like the giant glass owl. we could pit on it the set by the kitchen. >> we could collect jelly beans in it. send me your ideas. >> we could move the dead branches in the kitchen. i like the glass owl over there better. >> thank you. >> lets get to the boards. i know you're laughing, robin. i know you're laughing. let's get to the boards. this morning, we want to talk about this -- there's a loft rain into the deep south along the gulf coast. some of it will move heavily
8:37 am
into the southeast. as far as behind -- or -- yeah, behind the rain, as it moves off the eastern seaboard, there will be a shot of improving weather for the middle of the country. the numbers come up by wednesday, back up in the 60s and 70s. thunderstorms around the atlanta area. dallas, 86. the heat moves back into the southwest. after today, morning fog along the southern california coastline. cooler temperatures. tomorrow, real warm air. we're talking 90s before the end of the >> all that weather was brought to you by the united states
8:38 am
postal service. we're live in l.a. this morning. >> but this branch is not live. i got it for you, sam. >> what does sam mean. this will be our new set decor. >> there you go. >> happy birthday sam. coming up on fwam "gma," "happy endings"
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
our next guest is best known as jack bauer's scrappy daughter on "24." now we're seeing a new side of elisha cuthbert on abc's "happy endings." >> thank you. thank you. i paid them. >> they really, really like you. >> i'm so happy. >> i told you at the break, a big fan. >> thank you. >> the show is hysterical. the chemistry -- >> it's on point. we're having a great time. it's fun doing comedy, to go to work and laugh and try to be funny all day. it's easier than getting chased by cougars and terrorists. which i loved, but this is more fun. >> it seems that way. your character, for people who don't watch, your character in
8:42 am
the first season, you dumped your guy on the wedding day! >> i know. i left him at the altar. dramatic. this season, if you're familiar with the first season, it's more about alex being forgiven and getting to join the group and have more fun. which is great for me. it's great, yeah. >> would you like to see a little bit? >> yeah. >> here it is. >> back to alex's where she wanted to prove she could make a fire. i'm not sure you could be feeding peeps to the snake. >> he's fine. >> what about the flue? >> they don't get sick. >> we were joking about kiefer suterland. there's talk about how the parents will be introduced this
8:43 am
season, of all the characters. any chance that he may come back -- >> that would be amazing. he's busy doing his new show. megan mullally comes on to playpenny's mom. it will be good. >> so much fun for, i know how much fun sit to watch. we have never seen you in the role before. >> it's a double excitement. amazing for me to talk about it because i love the cast so much. we're having such great time. it's also, personally, for me, an amazing thing to have people see me in this different way. to see the comedy side of me. it's so terrific and goofy. >> i look at you and i start laughing because i think about the whole cast. keep it going. we love having you here. >> and after "modern family" we're really excited.
8:44 am
>> that's a real nice into t to be in, my friend. >> great place to be. the season premier is wednesday. next, on the clock, "the chew's" michael symon. the five for five challenge is on. ñwñ[=
8:45 am
8:46 am
the big day is finally here for michael symon and our friends at "the chew." michael is here with one of the show's signature features. five in five. i'm taking my jacket off. i'm going to be your sous chef. >> five ingredients, five minutes, less than $5 per person.
8:47 am
>> what are we doing today? >> skirt steak. salt and pepper. olive oil on top. >> clock is running, right? >> are we running? i brush the oil on. i have them on high heat. just the grill pan at home. they go in and we'll start building the salad. >> that makes the difference. they'll cook about 2:00 a side. >> meanwhile -- what do you want me to do? >> slice the onion. they gave us band aids. > >> you don't know what i'm going to do with the knife, guy. >> the dressing. you go one part acid, two parts oil or fat. so, in goes that. >> i'm getting smoke. >> you're getting smoked out. double the oil. and you have a dressing. your knife skills are good. a good greek boy. >> a lot of time in the kitchen.
8:48 am
>> these can go right in here. a nice pinch of salt. dump in the chick peas. mix it all together. >> no feta get? >> it will go in once it's mixed. >> we have plenty of time. >> we could talk sports. look, these are ready to flip already. here's why i love skirt stake. twice as much flavor as a filet. very available. ask the butcher for it, no problem. the reason it freex people out is they think it's tough. the you cut it against the grain, it's extremely tender. >> you don't marinate it at all. >> if you want to season it the day before, you could. >> i got the salad ready. >> i'm start crumbling for you. i'll keep you nice and clean.
8:49 am
dpl this is great trick my pom taught me. season the onions ahead of time, put the vinegar on it, it takes t some of the bite out of it. >> the mint in is salad is a big greek thing. >> greek food is incredibly bright. this is a peach we're going to be doing every week on "the chew." >> you'll do it with guests, n with daphne. >> guests, daphne, guests from the audience. maybe we'll have you come on. >> we're like a team. tandem now. >> we plate it here. >> yeah, put a little bit right down. i'll take the rest of this. i'm going the toss in the rest of the chick peas. toss it together. put it on a plate. i love serving food like this
8:50 am
family style. i love sitting around the table with hi family and eating together. think that's what "the chew" is all about. >> how much time? >> 2:00. >> we could call this three in three. that's how smooth we're going. how do you like your steak cooked? >> medium. >> medium well. >> medium rare. >> he's trying to kill more time. look, here's one right here. i'll show you here. this one's closer to rare. i'm going slice one up and let them finish. you let it rest for a second. the grains go this way. we're going cut it this way. make sure that the stake is seasoned all the way through, oil and salt on the cutting
8:51 am
board. you have a thicker cut of meet, you will season the center, too. cut against the brain. we're medium. >> this is perfect. >> it's super tender. come on, come on, get in there. i have it kookd enough for you. don't be shy. >> would you like a band aid? josh? he's unbelievable. >> we still have 30 seconds. enough time to tell everybody one more time. "the chew" premiers today at 1:00. we know you're going to be great. we wish you the best of luck. >> mario, daphne, clinton. i can't wait until clinton does the makeover. makes over mario. i want to make sure you get some here.
8:52 am
>> all: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! >> there it is. >> we are very efficient on "the chew." >> good. this is great. >> this is what it's all about. get great food on the table for the family in no time. everybody can come together, eat. >> it will be so much fun. michael, good luck today. they love it all. i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado.f.
8:53 am
diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot.etes . yes. i'm a people pleaser. plea. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.for all. i am a walking medical dictionary.ionary. congratulations inflamed uvula.ed . i'm virginia.virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions..
8:54 am
8:55 am
okay, there sit up on the jumbotr jumbotron.
8:56 am
would you consider freezing your eggs? a close call. 54% said yes. 46% no. >> "dancing with the stars" back tonight. sam in his travels, maybe, can join us. i have new young friend. a young cancer survivor here. have great week, everybody. i like that. thank you for the --
8:57 am
good morning on this monday. i've heard a lot of reports from people thinking the fog is getting thicker. we still got some of that fog even though we had brief sun trying to brake through owings mills. we'll swing it back over towards annapolis. you've had that real moist wind come off the chesapeake bay. the winds are hanging tight. so some higher hills, maybe into that low cloud shield and that is where it seems to be at its worst and thickest. 70 edgemere. 67 in the harford zone and towards frederick. definitely frederick up to 70. we're looking at a very mug dpe morning. the break in the clouds to the west may help disperse some of the low clouds. because they're hanging so teat,
8:58 am
it may take a few hours to start brightening the skies. we should see some improvement. the next wave of rain should stay on the other side of the mountain today. we're generally watching the chances for showers and storms, small chance today but it will increase tomorrow. 79 darn teed high. there may be breaks of sun and a few spotty showers. we redevelop it. for the rest of the week wen crows that threat of heavy rain producing storms, upper 70s to near 80. 75 thursday. friday we start drying things out. we cool with highed in the get commit -- highs in the 60s.
8:59 am
i ate breakfast and got heartburn, third day this week. so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc.

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